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Aggiornamento DCU 5.9.4

MessaggioInviato: dom apr 17, 2022 7:47 pm
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Non mi sembra sia stato ancora segnalato, è uscito un aggiornamento al software di sviluppo Ricoh/Pentax Digital Camera Utility, e si può scaricare da qui ... 5_win.html per Windows e da qui ... 5_mac.html per la Mela.

Changes to V5.9.4 from V5.9.3
[14. April 2022] Digital Camera Utility 5 (Version 5.9.4) Windows Updater
[Improve from previous Versions]

Tool button is set for "Multiple Images Sequential Expansion".
(It can be executed with a button on the toolbar.)
The "Save Parameters to File" function is available while the focus is on the list of candidate images for editing in Laboratory mode.
In "Save As", "Save Expanded" and "Expand Multiple Images in Sequence", if there is not enough free space in the specified destination, a dialog box will appear asking the user to change the destination.
[Corrections from previous Versions]

Corrected --- Red-eye correction was no longer working properly.
Corrected --- Image files could not be moved/copied by drag-and-drop from the image list to folders in the folder tree display.
Corrected --- Pixel Shift Resolution System - attempts to apply fringe correction to RAW and RAW development may fail.
Corrected ---When the parameter adjustment slider is operated only with the mouse wheel, the changes made to the parameter may not be saved.
Corrected --- When cropping a vertically positioned image and the aspect ratio of the area is set to "Original Image” and attempting to change the trimming area by dragging the handles of the trimming frame, the aspect ratio of the trimming frame was not maintained.
Corrected --- World time values were output at the date and time of shooting in the index printout.
Corrected --- Unexpected folder tree display updates were occurring when USB devices other than storage devices were inserted or removed. (It will no longer auto-update even if the storage device is plugged or unplugged. To update the folder tree display, please execute "Update to Latest".)